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"I lose no more lures thanks to your works great!" - Lou, CT, February, 1998

"After getting snagged, I used my Snagaway to pull my lure free. About twenty minutes later, in nearly the same spot, I caught a 48", 30lb. Northern Pike on the same lure. If I'd lost that lure, I would never have caught that fish." - Jay, Spencertown, NY, July, 1997

"While fishing in Quebec three years ago, I got snagged with my favorite Mann's Stretch 10. I promptly grabbed for my Snagaway to free my lure. To my surprise, I pulled up a 6' log with a Deep Hog wrapped around it. Not only did I save my own lure, but I managed to save someone else's! Whoever lost it should have had a Snagaway!" - NY

"On a trip last summer, my wife and I saved 17 lures in one week. Thank you for making such a great product!" - NY

"Thanks to Snagaway, we haven't lost a lure in 5 years!" - Bert, Saskatchewan, October, 1997

"The Snagaway has saved us not only time, but sometimes desperately needed lures." - Ed from Altamont, NY and Brian from Syracuse, NY, Hookset Tournament Anglers, September, 1997

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