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'Holiday Time Has Come For All Sportsmen', December 19, 1998, Leo Maloney

"Even though fishing season may be months away, one unusual stocking stuffer that is sure to please is the Snagaway Lure Saver. This compact device slides down the line and locks onto your lure snagged deep underwater. The reel and line of the kit then enable you to retrieve your lure. It is definitely the best that I have used, and it will save you many valuable and expensive lures for a modest price."
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Hooks and Antlers Weekly Column, 'Retrieving Snagged Lures', Advance News, June 28, 1998, Mike Seymour

"With the price of today's fishing lures, snags can be a fairly costly proposition over the course of a season. If you're interested in a device for retrieving snagged lures, you might want to check out the Snagaway Lure Saver... My son Matt and I do some trolling for walleyes on a stretch of the Grasse River that has a lot of submerged tree limbs. Since snags are a common occurrence when trolling minnow plugs, we decided to try the Snagaway. We successfully retrieved five Rapalas. At a cost of $5 a piece, Snagaway paid for itself in a single outing."
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'Tool Goes Down and Gets Snagged Lures', Syracuse Herald, April, 1998, J. Michael Kelly

"Since many modern fishing lures cost from $5 to $10 apiece, anglers have been known to break down and cry when one of their giant-killers becomes stuck in a sunken log. Fortunately, some of those lost lures can be recovered with a product called Snagaway. The Snagaway is a clamp attached to a string and wound on a reel, that's designed to slide down a fishing line to a snagged lure. The clamp grips the lure, and with a few jiggles, shakes it free..."
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'Fishing Couple Answers Casting Call For Help', Northeast Outdoors Show Supplement

"Tired of losing lures? The Snagaway Lure Saver will help! Brian and Laurel Engel of Ghent, in nearby Columbia County, return this year to the Northeast Great Outdoors Show bringing along their ingenious Snagaway Lure Saver. This clever device saves anglers the cost and aggravation of losing snagged tackle to underwater rocks, stumps, and logs."
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'Snagaway Teams Up With SuperBass', SuperBass Tightlines, Volume III, Issue I

"The makers of the Snagaway Lure Retriever [Saver] have teamed up with SuperBass as a sponsor for the 1998 season. At each trail event, in addition to the usual lunker cash award, winners will receive the patented Snagaway Lure Retriever. Company owners and partners, Brian and Laurel Engel, will be on hand at several trail tournaments to meet with anglers and will also present a special award at the year-end banquet...

...Brian says, 'We are trying to work with writers who will use our product.' He added, 'teaming up with SuperBass fit in with our strategy. It gets Snagaways into the hands of serious fisherman who are then going to talk about it with their friends, who are going to ask for it in their favorite shops or contact us directly.'"
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'Great Holiday Gifts', Gannett Newspaper, November 17, 1997, by Glenn Sapir

"Tired of losing fishing lures to rocks, logs, and other snags? An ingenious and handy lure-retrieval-system called Snagaway can help reel back many from future snags."
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'Ideal Christmas Stocking Stuffer for Outdoorsmen', The Daily Gazette, by Ed Noonan

"Brian Engel, from Ghent in Columbia County, has a product that every angler should have in his or her tackle box. It is called the Snagaway, and it will save every angler money.

The Snagaway is designed to retrieve your lure once it has gotten hung up. Three simple components make up the Snagaway: a nickel-plated steel retriever, line, and a reel. When the vice-like grip locks onto the lure, you will be able to pull it free from wood, rocks, and weeds. By retrieving one or two snagged lures, the Snagaway pays for itself."
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'Lure Saver Tackles All the Elements', Albany Times Union, March 16, 1996

"The Snagaway Lure Saver Kit uses a vice-grip action that locks onto all types of fishing tackle then pulls the snagged lure from rocks, stumps, and weeds. Nearly pays for itself the first time you use it! ...The Snagaway Lure Saver is a must for every fisherman."
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"...dedicate a slot in your tackle box to Snagaway! Snagaway is a great lure saving device." Dan Region, Editor/Secretary, Kinderhook Sportmen's Club Newsletter, June 1997
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