The Snagaway Story

We're not sure who purchased the first Snagaway Lure Saver from the late Harry England back in the Spring of 1970. Invoice #002 is made out to the South Lexington Bait Co., of Lexington, NC. Invoices that follow show that fisherman in all 50 states, the Canadian provinces, and in places as far away as Australia were satisfied, happy customers.

After Harry's first exhibit at the American Fishing Tackle Manufacturer's Show, a writer for Illinois Wildlife, August 19, 1970 said this about the Snagaway Lure Saver "this is not only a revolutionary new development, but one that fishermen cannot do without. It will save its cost time and time again."

As a "hobby," out of his garage in Garden City, MI, Harry sold nearly 100,000 Snagaways! I bought mine at the 1000 Island Bait Store in 1980. I still have and use it today. Over the years my Snagaway has saved at least $1000 in tackle. (My Dad bought his in 1972. He's a "Snagmaster" and we've lost track of how much he's saved. On one of his bad days he's been known to grab for the Snagaway about 5 times an hour).

In mid 1996 we wrote to Harry to find out if he'd be interested in selling his business. We reached a tentative agreement and made plans to travel from upstate NY to Garden City. Shortly before our trip, Harry unexpectedly passed away. He was 77. Just days earlier, his last words to me were, "Brian, you'll never be sorry."

With help from God and much support from family and friends, my wife and I took that leap of faith. Life is too short to live with regrets. We sincerely believe you'll be completely satisfied with your Snagaway Lure Saver and that you'll agree, "it's a must for every fisherman."

Enjoy the fishing!

- Brian and Laurel

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